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A tutor at Insane Coder has to cross several stages to be qualified to teach on this platform. By taking the eligibility test a candidate will be considered fit to become a tutor at Insane Coders. The eligibility criteria will have the following steps:

  • Personal Details Form: This form will include everything that a candidate needs to disclose while applying for the role of the tutor at Insane Coders. The details will be personal, therefore, they will not be shared by anyone. Only the team working with the hiring process of the tutors will have the information which will be kept confidential. The details will include basic information like name, address proof, and identity proof along with work experience details. The candidate needs to mention each and every detail carefully to avoid disputes or misunderstandings that may be caused at the later stages.
  • Video Link: The candidate applying for the position of tutor at Insane Coders needs to create a video of himself while he teaches his students. This is an important step as it will help the hiring team analyze the skills and talent of the candidate. It will also help them decide whether he/ she is a good fit for the organization or not. This step is important because we ensure that the tutor is qualified enough to teach the students thoroughly and can interact with them for a better understanding of the subject.
  • Review: After the candidate has carefully filled out the form and uploaded a video link, his application will be under process for a few days. The hiring team and the experts will carefully scrutinize the details provided by the candidate and thereby make their decision. If the candidate meets all the requirements needed to become an authorized tutor at Insane Coders, his application will be taken forward and he will be duly informed about it. If the candidate fails to meet the requirements, he/ she will be informed about that as well.

How We Work

Becoming a part of ‘Insane Coders’ is very easy. A student can come to our platform, enroll in the course of their choice and start learning. We take live sessions and make sure that the students get a real-time experience. We clear all the doubts of our students within the session itself. We have different types of quizzes that help them practice their skills. We offer students guidance which helps them examine themselves and learn efficiently.

Our Mentors

The mentors at ‘Insane Coders’ are highly professional and have years of industry experience. They have taught thousands of students and they also work in the same field. This helps the students get real-time learning through the experience of the mentors. For example, the mentor teaching HTML to students is also working in the same field in the reputed industry and gives the reference of how things work in real life.

Our mentors are not the teachers of our students but also their friends. They work hard to make the subject interesting and ensure that each of their students enjoys everything they learn.

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